Question : Linksys router how to log a mac ID traffic


I want to monitor a MAC address on the network through our Linksys router.  I see that there is an area in "Administration"  and "log"  that looks like the right area but I'm not sure how to configure it up.  Actually it wouldn't be bad to see the traffic of everyone connected by MAC or IP address but I'd settle for just one MAC address at a time.   This is a very simple network of about 40 computers using a Linksys Firmware Version: V1.2.11  4-Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN       RVS4000

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Answer : Linksys router how to log a mac ID traffic

You can set up port mirroring and hook an analyzer/sniffer/wireshark to a mirrored port, then filter all traffic except the MAC you are interested in.

Search for Port Mirroring in the admin guide:

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