Question : access query problem 15

I have a table that contains this info

loan_id     loan_statusID        effectiveDate
1                 active                    1/1/2005
1                 default                   8/3/2004
1                 suspend                5/3/2004
1                 active                     4/1/2003
2                 default                    4/5/2007
2                active                      1/5/2006
2                suspend                  12/1/2005
2                active                       8/1/2006

Obviously the loanid is duplicated in this table.  I need a way to bring back all loanIDs (distinct if possible) where the most recent effective date is a loan in default status.

in this example the loan is currenlty active for id 1. loanid 2 is in default state so it should only bring back that loan.

Answer : access query problem 15

This do it?

SELECT a.Loan_ID, a.EffectiveDate FROM tblLoans a WHERE a.Loan_StatusID = "Default" AND a.EffectiveDate = (SELECT Max(b.EffectiveDate) FROM tblLoans b WHERE b.Loan_ID = a.Loan_ID);
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