Question : Access 2007 - UNC paths in VBA to files on a server (2003)

I have a form in Access 2007.  On Current event, I want to check a directory on a server (running Win 2003) to see if a specific file exists.  If it does, I want to set the Visible property of a hyperlink to True, else False.

If Dir(FileName) = "" Then
        Me!viewpdflink.Visible = False
Else: Me!viewpdflink.Visible = True
End If

Quite  sure the problem is in my path as I can make it work fine if I use a local directory.

FileName = "\\NightWatch\Scans\Contracts\" & Me!Custno & Me!ContractID & ".pdf"

Nightwatch - server name
Scans - shared folder
me!Custno & me!contractid - textboxes on the form that match the filename when combined.

The error I keep getting is:

Run-time error '52':
Bad file name or number

Can someone help me!


Answer : Access 2007 - UNC paths in VBA to files on a server (2003)

Import the reg file into the DC from this link this will configure all settings for you automatically.

Here is a link if you want to do it yourself.

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