Question : Update Records based on previous updated record

it is possible to update a set of records sequentially, so that the value of record N+1 is based on the value of record N?

Let's say I have 100 records in table Test with columns:  TestID and MyNumber

I would like to update all 100 records so that MyNumber is 1.05% greater than the value of the previous records' MyNumber value;  so the results would be...

1   100
2   105
3   110.25 (thats 5% more than record 2's 105)
4   115.76 (that's 5% more than record 3's 110.25)

Can I do this without creating a cursor or loop?  In one statement?

Answer : Update Records based on previous updated record

Hmmm...I always create separate log file backups.  Why don't you like this?  The reason is that it lets me put a time stamp on them, and in the event I need to restore them, its easy to determine the order I need to restore them in.
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