Question : SharePoint 2010 Webpart Request

I'm in search of an In/Out board webpart for SharePoint 2010....I understand I can actually make an in/out baord by customizing a list or something similar but I also need to be able to keep track of employee sign in's. For example, the one we have now, (it is not sharepoint) users come in in the morning & sign in by choosing their name & then choosing in. When they go to lunhc they choose lunch & so on. After they sign in in the morning they also can click a button & input the time they come in & plan to leave.

Is it possible to get something or create something in SharePoint to take over this?

Answer : SharePoint 2010 Webpart Request

sure.  that sounds like a basic list in sharepoint.

i guess it depends on what you do with the data that's created from the in/out selection.  if you need to know the time that they changed the value, you'd need to do something custom in the background, such as copy the modified time to a different list.  it depends on whether you need a simple in/out type status, or whether you need to track changes to the list.

if it's just a simple matter of the employee selecting in / out ... that's a list you can create with no special customizations.
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