Question : Upgrade Sqlite in RHEL5.4

Hi experts!

I'm running RHEL5.4 with Sqlite 3.3.6-5 via yum from RHN. I now need a newer version of Sqlite, but it seems like the only way to do this is downloading the source from and compile it myself.

What I wanted some thoughts on is what happens if I do a make install on the newer version of Sqlite without removing the .rpm first? I have checked the possibility to do a 'yum erase' of sqlite, but it has quite a few dependencies that I cannot remove.

Any ideas?

Answer : Upgrade Sqlite in RHEL5.4

There will be no problem.

You can mention a different path during compile. Just go through it's Install instructions on how to pass new path parameter to make/make install process.

This way both the Sqlite original and your new version can co-exist.

Running: Pay attention to run the new Sqlite from it's new location, specify absolute path to run it.

I hope you know how to write init and shutdown script to start & stop your new Sqlite install, as these will be different from what you already have in your /etc/init.d

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