Question : Loading OS in Dell Power edge 2500

I am trying to install Windows 2003 server on a Dell Power edge 2500 server
System has Adaptec AIC 7899 SCSI controller
only one SCSCi disk
downloaded the Adaptec driver and loaded into Floppy
while installing the Windows server I installed the Adaptec driver as well, but it comes as "No hard disk found"
What I am missing in this process? and how to rectify it

Thanks in advance

Answer : Loading OS in Dell Power edge 2500

The 7899, if memory serves is the SCSI controller.  If there's a RAID controller, you need to identify what RAID controller it is - PERC2, PERC3, PERC4 - and the appropriate driver for that controller.  Further, you need to make sure there are Containers defined by the RAID controller.  If you don't, the drives may be recognized by the controller but if the controller has told them how to "join" them together (what RAID level to use), then they won't be presented to an OS as a drive.
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