Question : DSUM with multiple rows and multiple columns

Hi Experts,

I've got a file that tracks hours by employee and by project and I've got it working using Sumproduct formulas which has previously been satisfactory but as the year goes on and the file gets bigger, the longer it takes the Sumproduct formulas to do their thing (the attached sample file is about 1/5th the actual size).  Researching this, I find that DSUM formulas are supposed to be more efficient but I can't figure out how to get them to track both employee (in rows) and project (in columns).  In the attached workbook, I've set up the Criteria range in cells AF3:AV8 with the idea of replacing the Sumproduct formulas in columns B:S with DSUM formulas.  But I've got two problems with this:  

a) How do I express the criteria in cell IV8 for the Project code, which is supposed to be one of the Column headers in the B3:S3 range?  

b) How do I express the DSUM formulas in the B3:S17 range in a way that will allow me to pull the totals by both employee in column A and project in cells B3:S3?

Thanks for any insights!



Answer : DSUM with multiple rows and multiple columns

Hello Jeff,

I won't comment on the other options suggested by Alistair and Kevin, I don't have enough expertise to do so.

On the possible formula options I think it's almost impossible to accomplish with DSUM, even if you could do it the setup would probably be too complex to be worthwhile. SUMIFS will certainly be faster than SUMPRODUCT, the syntax for your example would be like this for B4 then copied across and down.


regards, barry

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