Question : CX600 FLARE 2.05.600.5.007 - upgrade procedure to 2.19?

Hi Experts,

I have a CX600 running an ancient level of FLARE 2.05.600.5.007.

Because "end user" updates only started from 2.16 upwards I'm rather stuffed as NST won't let me update.  I have a 2.19 MIF image and a Utility 2.07 ndu package.  There is no utility partition currently installed to boot to (sob).  Can anyone help me get this box to 2.19 please?

I need to know how to either:

a) Install the Utility partition to use the MIF package
b) Tell NST to shut up and let me do the upgrade

Engineering mode doesn't help in either NaviMgr or NST.

Obviously we have no EMC support, as this is a toolbox/PoC array.  No data on it, so not fussed about preserving any LUNs or DDBS info.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Answer : CX600 FLARE 2.05.600.5.007 - upgrade procedure to 2.19?

Hello Jeff,

I won't comment on the other options suggested by Alistair and Kevin, I don't have enough expertise to do so.

On the possible formula options I think it's almost impossible to accomplish with DSUM, even if you could do it the setup would probably be too complex to be worthwhile. SUMIFS will certainly be faster than SUMPRODUCT, the syntax for your example would be like this for B4 then copied across and down.


regards, barry

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