Question : Auto login Windows 7

We have a number of Windows 7 workgroup PC's

We would like to set them up so that on startup they didn't  auto logon they just display a  users  icon

There is only one user account and the user account doesn't have a password

At the moment the system just boots and logons on,  now if we log off at this point we get a screen with a pretty icon that you click on the logon again, it is this screen that we want at start up.

Answer : Auto login Windows 7

Interestingly, I have considered another possibility.

Most people know there is a registry edit that allows you to set a windows xp/vista/7 PC to automatically logon using a specific user account and password.

I've just tried using this edit but *intentionally* entering *invalid* user/password details.
The autologon failed and forced the pc back to the logon screen.

I haven't tested this on a workgroup PC, but its worth a try!
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