Question : Reinstalling SBS 2008 from scratch


The SBS 2008 server we have is running in an extreme unstable state since one of the drives failed.

I was able to make a full backup of Exchange IS with Acronis, tested the data on a test machine, and the data is fine. I already moved public folders to another machine already.

Now, I'm ready to wipe it out and reinstall the whole system.

Obviously I would like to do it with minimum work on the client PCs.

I'm currently filling up the answer file, and it's asking if it's a new installation or migration.

If I do migration, would that work? or will I have to remove every single client PC off the domain and join it back again. Can I keep the same domain name, or is it better to use a new one?

Thanks in advance.

I'd also appreciate if you have any comments.

Answer : Reinstalling SBS 2008 from scratch

Yes if you are reformatting you will need to rejoin the computers, recreate the users and setup all the permissions again.
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