Question : Sniffing voice related traffic

I want to setup a lab in my basement that will allowing me to look at telephone traffic (packets not analog). I am guessing that since our phone comes in through a cable modem then is dispersed to a digital phone via RJ-11 there must be some way of observing the traffic. When we plug in the digital phone I can see the number of the calling host. So I ultimately want to see that digital traffic. The purpose of this lab is to create some call management software for a project im working on. I don’t want to buy call management software so don’t post product links.

Answer : Sniffing voice related traffic

Take the AV zip folder and extract it
to a folder on the desktop of the ePO server. Then open the folder and
you will find what we call extensions to the AV software. Those
extentions have to be added to ePO. They contain the reporting functions
and enablement of the agent log. So when you look inside the extracted
folder you will see to zip files and one has the word "report " in it
and the other I can't remember but it is a .zip file as well. Take those
two files bring them out onto the desktop of the ePO server. Then open
ePO and select - MENU - SOFTWARE - Extensions and add them both then
push or wake up the agent on that system. You should be good to go then.
Also when you add the Anti Sypware zip it also has an extension file in
it. Do the same for Anti Spyware as well. Check the software in and then
the extensions like the AV.



Check "enable remote access to log" check box

And clicked SHARE button -SAVE -system tree - select all -wake up agent
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