Question : Dell desktop will not boot

Looking a friends desktop. Push power on and power light comes on and off. HD makse a light clicking noise. Noticed the power supp fans start and then go to a slower RPM. With the case open (And switch manuall closed, press power on and in apprpx. 12 seconds get 2 short beeps. Also metered the HD plug. 5V is right on and the 12V is about 10.75 V.

Answer : Dell desktop will not boot

Do you get any BIOS info when it boots?

If the hard drive makes a steady click; the hard drive is probably bad.

Can you put in a bootable OS disk and see if it will boot from a disk instead of the hard drive?  you may need to select the boot menu which is F12 I think on the Dells and tell the system to boot from CD.  OR change the boot list in the BIOS.

My "guess" is bad hard drive.
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