Question : Maxtor Drive getting 'lost'

Sata connected Maxtor 6Y120M0 as primary.

IDE connected Maxtor 6L300R0 as slave.

On boot the 6L300R0 is not found.  If I use Device Manager to scan for hardware changes it is found.

I can then format it, scan for disk errors and copy files back and forth.

When I re-boot, it dissapears again.

Windows XP Professonal

Answer : Maxtor Drive getting 'lost'

You have the IDE drive configured as a slave?  Is there another (master) device on that IDE connection?

Each connector needs a Master device to do the device recognition during POST (boot up).  So, even though you have a master device hooked to the SATA controller, the IDE controller has to have a master device configured as well to do the device recognition for that controller.
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