Question : NAT setting and vmware

This is my set up:
Host OS XP Pro
Guest OS XP Pro
latest vmware player

My current location is New York and that's what my public IP address shows. On my host OS, I used openvpn to connect to a server in California. Now my IP on Host OS shows as California. Then I started my vmware image in the NAT mode. The IP on my vmware shows as California.

Then I used Cisco VPN client to connect to another network from the guest OS inside VMWare. Is there a way for Cisco VPN client to know that the original IP address of the host was from New York or it will only know the California IP address? I turned on all the logging in Cisco VPN client 5.0 but it does not mention anything about the client's IP address. I do not have access to the VPN server logs.

My goal is that the Cisco vpn from the guest OS inside Vmware should not know about the NY IP address. Is this set up working or I am just fooling myself?

I guess this set up will work as long as all the traffic in the vmware goes through the first vpn(new york to california).

Answer : NAT setting and vmware

I have stopped this project since I didn't succeed in getting answers in desired timeframe.
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