Question : couple of things missing from Exchange 2010?

I just installed a new Exchange 2010 server and I noticed a couple of things that seem to be missing from the install.

1/ The RPC and RPC with cert directories are not in IIS
2/ when I try to generate an OAB and click on web distribution it just sits there and spins it's wheels never finding a directory even though that virtual directory is there.

I have the feeling this is something simple but I'm not sure why these aren't there. Can anyone give me a couple of pointers?

Answer : couple of things missing from Exchange 2010?

If I use the command would it be:

New-OfflineAddressBook -Name "New OAB" -AddressLists "\Default Global Address List" -Server SERVER01 -VirtualDirectories "SERVER01\OAB (Default Web Site)"

to generate it with the web distribution? And what would it be if I wanted both.

Still if the command actually works why won't the OAB directory show up through the GUI when doing it in the EMC?
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