Question : Flag duplicate record

I have a bunch of duplicate records (or at least duplicates on the company name) that look similar to this:

NAME         |     TYPE           |        SOURCE
Comp1             Customer              Import
Comp1             NULL                     NULL
Comp2              Customer             Import
Comp2              NULL                    Import

How do I set the "HIDE" column to 1 if the company names are "LIKE" (in the SQL statement)?   I just want to hide any records that seem to be duplicates of another based on the company name, but I have no idea where to start.

Answer : Flag duplicate record

Statement from Microsoft:

Q: Why are you only supporting the 64-bit versions of SQL Server 2005 or 2008 for SharePoint Server 2010?

A: This decision was based on our current test data for SharePoint Server 2010 and real world experience from customers running SharePoint Server 2007 with 32-bit SQL Server.  SharePoint performance and scalability can benefit significantly from 64-bit SQL Server and the throughput increases are significant enough for us to make the difficult decision to only support SharePoint Server 2010 on 64-bit SQL Server 2005 or 2008.  It has been our strong recommendation for some time that SharePoint Server 2007 customers take advantage of 64-bit SQL Server due to the inherent performance and scale benefits it can provide.

A scenario where you could run SP2010 with a 32-bit OS in play, is if you have a 32-bit OS installed on a 64-bit capable hardware (CPU, motherboard, etc). You could then install a 32-bit virtualization platform (like VMware Player, VirtualPC, etc) on the 32-bit host OS, but create a new virtual machine that is 64-bit, as the VM platform will take advantage of the 64-bit hardware.

You must make sure you have 64-bit capable hardware with virtualization technology (like Intel VT).

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