Question : Error ORA-1722 when DAO is writing data to an Oracle 11g database


I'm maintaining an Oracle database for a client.
This database is used mainly by a thrid-party software written in VB6.

In most parts of this software the insert and update statements are written manually and are working without any problem.
But there are some parts of this software where the data is written using DAO, and there numbers with decimal parts are not written.
The database gives the error ORA-01722 (invalid number) and we have found that DAO writes the numbers using the comma as decimal point, and Oracle refuses to accept this.
We cannot change the national settings of the Oracle driver because when we do this, the direct SQL statements are not working anymore.

The developer of the thord party software refuses to rewrite these parts of his software using direct SQL statements.

Is there anything we can do?

Thanky you very much!


Answer : Error ORA-1722 when DAO is writing data to an Oracle 11g database

right, that's what I meant by a crutch.
You may need to isolate that particular application, change the settings, run the app, put the settings back.

If that's not feasible then maybe move that application to a dedicated machine.

Your options are - change the code, configure windows or configure the app's regional settings.
If the 1st and 2nd aren't possible/desirable
Then you will have to configure the application itself. If the vendor doesn't allow that then you're stuck, sorry. Have to move to a new app and new vendor that will support you.

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