Question : Multi-Site, single IP and DNS records

OK, Not too sure if there us a fix for this and it may be an issue with my web host, but here goes:

I have a hosting package with network solutions that has multiple "sites" within a single hierarchy.  Each "site" has it's own DNS entry.  Each site essentially has it's own folder under the \htdocs\ folder of the hierarchy root, and each DNS entry points to that folder.

Now i have a new site, that I am adding to one of my hosting packages.  The only issue, is I can't setup their dns records the same way, as I have ADNS setup for the main domain, with multiple sites pointing to IP's.  If i add the to my package, all my ADNS info will be removed (including my MX records!).

In the past on IIS machines I've been able to use a redirect to a sub directory that looks like root via the dns entry coming in, and what I was looking to do was see if this could be done with either php.ini or the .htaccess file.  

SO to put it more plainly:
1. I have a DNS record that points to an IP
2. That IP has multiple sites within it's [root]\htdocs
3. I need to redirect incoming connections by  what DNS record they use comming in
     1. EX ->>\htdocs\mysite
      2. Even better would be the top, but that it would look like

Answer : Multi-Site, single IP and DNS records

just setup a virtual site like iis7 bindings

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