Question : Terminal server 2008 R2 Pinned Taskbar Links

I am working on a development terminal server; 2008 R2 x64.  I want to know how to control the taskbar pinned items adding, removing, setting defaults and preventing further modifications.  Server is currently connected to a 2003 domain.  Thank you in advance!

Answer : Terminal server 2008 R2 Pinned Taskbar Links

AFAIK, according to MS, you may control the task bar and notification area via group policy in W7, but i am not sure how it is with W2K8R2. however as W7 is so close to W2K8 in system kernel in comparison to other server products, i would *guess* the following settings should be working on W2K8R2 as well, at least hopefully. have a try.

Group Policy Settings for Start Menu and Taskbar

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