Question : Starting mysqld from fedora

This is an old (and working) linux distribution (fedora core 3) that had a working mysql with a few tables and users( I have the root userid and pwd).  On reboot (after a very long time), it did not restart mysql (and it wasnt surprising why as it didnt seem to be on the /etc/rc.d/inet.d or /etc/xinetd.d list).  On examining  /etc/rc.d/inet.d there was no entry for mysqld (so could not use /sbin/service mysqld start)

there is a basic /etc/my.cnf  that seems to be used by the daemon

the location of the binaries is in /usr/local/mysql/bin  and the data seem to be in /usr/local/mysql/var;s the only relevant files in the bin folder seem to be mysqld_multi and mysqld_safe  both are script files it seems that came with the distrib..

 there is a mysqld binary in /usr/local/mysql/libexec  

Given all the above how do I get the daemon to start successfully?  

Answer : Starting mysqld from fedora

do you know the datadir?  i understand it is: /usr/local/mysql/var
please move all the files to a safe location and reinstall MySQL and copy back the copied files(please do not move the files here).
and let me know.
also, asking you the Q one more time.  is this PROD?
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