Question : How to create a Despatch Roster Summary

Need to provide a summary of the data on attached spreadsheet to allow a method to show details of hours available.
i.e.  How many staff available by Name by hour rostered by Monday by Day by FT
A pivot table may be the answer but I cannot seem to get the input data in the correct format to get the answer I need
May need data provided in a different format to allow summary to be created.

Once summary is available , need to then calculate other variables.

Data is :
Names - Alpha
Pin Number – 4 digits
Position – Alpha
Shift Day – Alpha
Shift – Alpha
Day – Alpha
Hour Work – Range per day
Despatch Roster v1

Answer : How to create a Despatch Roster Summary

- you may ran the wrong exe file. for example, maybe the game has two exes one of them only can be executed on your machine.

- or maybe the shortcut sends some arguments to the exe to run.

** Right click the shortcut on the desktop and click "Properties" then check the "Target" of the shortcut.

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