Question : Outlook 2007 w/ Exchange 2010 empty folder

Since upgrading to Exchange 2010, we have one user whose folders sometimes come up empty, even though there are messages in them.  If she clicks on another folder and then back to the original a few times, the messages will appear.  She has the problem on two different computers, so the problem is probably related to the server.  She has well over 100 folders, which is about the only thing I can find that makes her unusual, other than the problem.

Answer : Outlook 2007 w/ Exchange 2010 empty folder

I definitely recommend putting SQL on a separate server from Exchange. There is just too much resource contention otherwise. With only 12 users, you can actually get two lower powered servers for less than it'd cost to get one large server to run everything under one roof.  It is server 2008 though, so RAM is important no matter how many (or how few) users you have.
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