Question : SBS 2008 - Unable to set a static IP

I have Dell T410 with Broadcom NextExtreme II family NIC onboard card. I keep trying to set a static IP of, GW of and DNS of but each time I reopen the NIC prop, it's set back to dynamic with DHCP enabled although the when doing ipconfig /all shows the IP is, and and DHCP server didn't lease that address - very strange

any ideas what's going on?

Thank you

Answer : SBS 2008 - Unable to set a static IP

So I found that the main problem was and the registry tweak to make the settings stay statically assigned is:

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Network and delete the 'Config' key in that directory. Once you do that, open the network properties and just hit OK without doing anything else. This creates another key in the registry." Reboot and you are good

Thanks so much to everyone for your help
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