Question : ESXi compatible hardware

I'm about to implement offsite replication via VEEAM's backup and replication software.  My remote site is a large closet about the size of the small bedroom...  There is little to no AC running in this room...  It gets fairly hot in there... So...  Placing a HP DL 360 in this room will not be a great idea unless I purchase some type of cooling device and my budget is limited.  So...  I was wondering if there is an inexpensive motherboard I can purchase that support 10-12 GB's of RAM and also support mirroring..  I plan to place 2 x 2 TB drives in it and will replicate my missions critical VM's to this ESXi host..  Also, the motherboard and proc will have to be supported with the most current version of ESXi...  Any suggestions... Or...  Can I simply disable a power supply and some of the fans and/or turn down the fan speed on the DL 360 I have?

Answer : ESXi compatible hardware

The smaller PCI-E work in the larger ones, just make sure it fits..small factor or large facor on the machine.  In the bios you should be able to tell what device you can boot from and the card has its own bios.  

I would actually recommend using the QNAP with NFS if you can, this way you can add additional ESX hosts to the same NFS share or iSCSI LUN and get the VMs running incase the host itself dies.
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