Question : Built-In Webcam Stopped Working on Lenovo ThinkPad

Have a Lenovo ThinkPad X200 laptop running Windows XP. Have Skype on it and was working fine for weeks for video conference calls with the built-in webcam. Now the webcam stopped working.

I go into Tools, Options in Skype and click on Video settings and it says "Skype couldn't find a webcam."

Seems like a possible configuration problem with the webcam. but if I go into the Windows Control Panel, I can't see any entry for a camera.

Answer : Built-In Webcam Stopped Working on Lenovo ThinkPad

There should be an icon in the Control Panel called "Scanners and Cameras"

Under the Device Manager for the X200, the device that controls the camera is called:
"Imaging devices" > "USB Video Driver"

The actual default XP driver is a Micro$oft driver so maybe you downloaded some Windows updates that killed it?

Looks like you can also just download the driver from the Lenovo website:

Or search on the Lenovo website for the below file, 7tca23ww.exe
Version: 1.32.500.0
Release Date: 2009/10/02  
 File link     File size     File description
7tca23ww.exe     9,883,832     Integrated Camera
7tca23ww.txt     9,162     README for Integrated Camera
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