Question : Outlook 2007 Continually asks for an Exchange Server password

I just setup SBS 2008 for a company with a small network.  The computers were joined to the server using http://connect... SBS setup wizard... everything seem to be working fine except that on all of the computers Outlook 2007 SP2 keeps asking for credentials for the Exchange Server... if I type in the username and password and tell it to remember it - it won't - keeps popping up... if I hit cancel it still seems to connect anyway... BUT - the pop-up for the credentials keeps coming up.

How do I fix this?

I tried disabling "connect to Exchange using HTTP" (which was setup originally by default when Outlook auto detected the Exchange Server settings) - because these are desktops on the LAN and will not be going off-site... but I still get this msg.

Thank you!

Answer : Outlook 2007 Continually asks for an Exchange Server password

Update Exchange on the server.  This is a known issue that is fixed with Exchange SP1 UR9 or SP2.  I'd recommend skipping the SP1 update roll-ups and just moving to SP2, but since that is a more significant upgrade, the URs are a decent stopgap.
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