Question : Audit Report Generation SharePoint Content Viewing

Hi All,
OOTB MOSS 2007 Provides Audit Reports at All Site Settings > Audit Log Reports > Content Viewing.
My requirement is to generate report wherein i can get details of users who viewed, downloaded the documents & any other data on a site collection.
However, the above OOTB Report doesnt give me these details, is there any way from where i can get this report through OOTB Features/Third Party Tool.

Answer : Audit Report Generation SharePoint Content Viewing


OOTB Audit Reports are Content Type Specific.

To Play with:

1. Activate Reporting Feature (Site Collection Feature listed OOTB in All Site Settings).

2. Go to Document Library > Settings > Information Management Policy Settings > Click Content Type > Define Policy > Enable Auditing with desired options > Ok.

3. Go to Site Collection Audit Settings > Check desired options.

4. Audit Log Reports.

It has a limitation of 2000 documents per content type, won't work for more than mentioned & will flash very mech known: Unknown Error.

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