Question : exceed problem

When I try to launch exceed via citrix environment, I'm getting the following error message.

Fatal Error: Unable to access user directory

I googled and found the following solution, but  userDir is mapping with C drive and my userId configured on Y drive. How do I fix it?


When a user attempts to launch the Exceed X Server, the user will get the following error:
"Fatal Error: Unable to access user directory"


This error message can be caused by one of the following reasons.

    * Ensure your user has Full Control over ther user's "\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data" directory.

    * Check the Windows registry in the following hive:


      Verify the value of UserDir. It should read:

      <drive letter>:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\Hummingbird\Connectivity\x.xx\Exceed\

Answer : exceed problem

I have a customer testing the humingbird stuff right now on XA6 server 2008R2 - just an fyi you can do 32bit graphics now.So you remapped your server drives when you installed citrix? What about using %SYSTEMDRIVE% or something instead of drive letters?
What about using the app streaming profile tool to package exceed? Then you can easily go in and modify the files, add variables etc.  
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