Question : backup exec 2010 on esxi

I have a client that has esxi the free version and a couple of weeks ago i purchased backup exec 2010 with the vmware agent because the sales guy at symantec and their tech guy i talked to flat out told me that it would work with  esxi free version 4.0 .  I keep getting an error saying "Cannot get the virtual machine XML information" I have tried calling symantec and like i said everytime their tech support says it should work on the free version.  How do I fix this error?

Answer : backup exec 2010 on esxi

The link below will give you details on each version.  Backup Exec needs a licensed ESX or ESXi server because it's using the vStorage API as you see this is available in the Essentials version

It's still @$500 but says price will go up June 15 so you may still have this option

If you bought the Backup Exec with vmware agent you may have paid a lot more than you needed.  A copy of vRanger or Veeam Backup would have been much cheaper and given you more options.  How much did the vmware agent cost you?
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