Question : extracting BLOBs


I am a newbie in Access programming (however, I'm not a newbie in programming in general).
In the accounting system we use (based on SQL Server) we attach scan of every cost invoice.
However, the user interface is not very convenient.
Therefore I'm thinking of developing own system in Access (SQL Server tables will be linked in the Access database) for browsing cost invoices.
I have some questions and here I'm posting one of them:

how to extract BLOB from the SQL Server database?
- how to do it from Access? can you please give me an example / link?
- is it better to code BLOB extraction procedure in SQL Server (I am not sure if it is possible) and execute it from Access VBA?

thank you very much for help.

best regards,

Answer : extracting BLOBs

What code are you using?

It might be easier to pass a recordset to the report

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