Question : Network issues loading company web-site

Hi Experts -

Our company web-site which is hosted by a small hosting/email provider, suddenly became inaccessible this morning ONLY from our office. Any attempts to browse to the web-site were "timed-out", site didn't load, emails would not load. All other web-sites worked properly. Staff who worked from home and other offices were able to access the company site without any problems.

The office that had problems had about 20 people on an Comcast SMC cable modem/router (20/5Mbps). However, only 10 people are the employees that were accessing the web-site that had issues (other 10 people are different company).

Our hosting company said the following: (can it be true, or are they bsing?)

There are no firewall rules here to restrict access from outside parties.

I suspect bad/old/wimpy firmware on the router at the SF office is either breaking where there are too many NAT entries to one IP (that of the Attack site).

I know there have been issues with new connections to the IMAP server being denied as well. I don't recall if this was the LA or SF office though. In general, each browser (or tab) can open up to 8 connections to the webserver. This isn't an issue for the webserver itself, but may appear to be suspicious traffic to smaller routers which they then block or just cannot handle.

Usually when this problem appears, other sites work fine- google , yahoo etc, but
or last time,
appeared to be down to all users.

A router restart seems to correct the issue each time.

It may be necessary to upgrade firmware on the router or just switch routers. Do you know what sort of hardware is being used now? ""

Answer : Network issues loading company web-site

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you can cast to the dataTime format like this

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