Question : My Computer/ Explorer Not responding Windows XP

After searching and trying all the suggestions I could find on here and through using the google search engine I am still unable to resolve this one...

On a Windows XP Sp3 workstation when opening explorer or my computer the window will freeze for a minute or so and then you are able to browse C: and other network drives as before. But if you close and re-open or browse back to the root it will freeze again. You are still able to do other task at this time such as open internet browser and use applications.

I haven't taken down all the stops I have tried but here are some from memory.
- Removed and reconnected all network drives
- Un-ticked automatically search network drives and printers from folder options
- Used msconfig to disable services and startup programs
- Cleared out all temporary files

Any extra ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Answer : My Computer/ Explorer Not responding Windows XP

There was an XP Repair option available on the WinXP installation CD to reinstall XP over itself, which would in most cases not disturb your data or installed programs.  Vista has an option like this also, described here:

The difference between XP repair and Vista repair is that you must be able to boot into Vista in order to repair it, while the XP repair option was chosen in XP's Recovery Console, which meant that XP didn't necessarily have to be still bootable.

However, you note that SP2 has been installed, while the original DVD has only SP1.  In that case, you would have to go through the procedure on this page for integrating SP2 into the DVD files (just substitute SP2 everywhere you see SP1 mentioned):

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