Question : acronis disk director server 10

I used Acronis disk director server 10 to run "copy partition".  My machine has C and D.  I followed the software to copy C to the external hard disk.  The end of the process I clicked the Flag icon  to commit.  It asked me to reboot the system.

I left the external hard disk connected to my system during the  reboot.  It then took about 30 minutes to finish the reboot.  Then I opened the Windows Explored and found G and H and both of them are the image of the C partition.  I have two questions:

1/ Why I have two image of C ? Did I do anything wrong ? I expect one image from C only.
2/ Should I leave the external hard disk connected to the system during the reboot ? I read the User's Guide from Acronis but the instruction doesn't show the whole process.

Should I connect the external hard disk during this reboot ?

Answer : acronis disk director server 10

You don't need a gateway to integrate OCS with CCM.  H.323 is a video codec and SIP isn't even a media codec, it's signaling traffic. I have no idea what that reply is relation to.

To allow Enterprise Voice (VoIP) integrate with OCS 2007 and Cisco Call Manager you can either (a) use a media gateway or (b) configure Direct SIP between OCS and CCM without the need for a media gateway.  Either way the audio calls will be converted to standard G.711 between environements.

Take a look at this blog article for details on Direct SIP integration:
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