Question : Select Date Range or leave blank

Is there a way to select a date range or default to all dates?  I am creating a report where the user wants to run a report based on a date range or based on all dates and other criteria.  The date range with other criteria is OK,  I just don't know how to get the rpt to not require the date range and select all dates in the source data.

Answer : Select Date Range or leave blank

When setting up your report parameters you can nominate the default, ranging from NULL through to preset values.

So, have a look at your parameter and decide the most appropriate behaviour.

If you are running the query directly, then it is harder to optionally include the parameters. If you are writing your own code, then you can make the decision to include or not. Far easier to set the default behaviour, even if you set up the values '19000101' and '21001231'
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