Question : FIles in database or in filesystem

Hi, I'm working on simple document management system and I have a design dillema. How to store files?  System is designed to work in LAN and it's winform application. As I want to use MSSQL Express I don't want to waste space on files in DB. So i think filesystem is my way, but how should I send files to server and then controll access?
 My idea is is to make a share on windows server and set ACLs just to let user write to a certain folder. Any other ideas (except ftp) ?

I think I'll also need a windows service that will control access so if user wants to view the file this service will somehow fetch it for him ( first checking acl in my db ) I on right way?

Well keeping files in db would be much easier i think, but first I need to find out how to this this way. It would be easy if I used web application but I need to do this with winform.

// I don't want to use filestream at this time  

Answer : FIles in database or in filesystem

Yes, it is a good choice.  No matter which path you take, there will be one same problem
which is when connection to network (LAN) is NOT available.
As long as connectivity is available, it will all work same way (same speed, etc.).

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