Question : app-v prebuilt apps

I have been reading up on App-V and it seems to me that after what can be a fairly extensive process I end up creating a 'portable' app that I can deploy or one more users that looks just as if it was installed the usual way. So let's say I have a Terminal Server and for user X I need them to have IE6 as well as IE 7 which they currently have.  I can use App-V and create a packaged IE6 which I can then deploy onto the user X's TS desktop.  I also found there was a VMWare Marketplace where they have virtual appliances pre-built that act similarly. In theory any of these packaged apps can be deployed to others - there seems to be very little limitation other than the usual licensing.  It seems to me what this means is that while I'm busy using App-V creating a virtualized Office 2010, lets say, there are hundreds of thousands of others potentially doing the same thing. Admittedly there are some of those folks that want to do all kinds of tweaks but others are going to simply do the default install.  If that's the case, it seems that I could use anybody else's default virtualized Office 2010 if all I wanted was a default install.  So rather than all of us all over the world putting in this duplicate effort I wondered if it was possible to just purchase a virtualized Office like the apps on the VMWare?  I searched but could not find such a product. Does anybody know if MS sells this kind of license?

Answer : app-v prebuilt apps

"Someone else's" would be installed with their License Key,..not yours.

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