Question : Respose time slow

We have 4 Windows Server guests running on an ESX 3.5 host.  Response time for each seems to degrade over time to the point of taking more than 30 minutes to logon.  

The guests are:

Windows 2003 Standard (x32)
Windows 2008 (x64)  (Qnty 2)
Windows 2003 Enterprise (x32)

I have not seen any major spikes in usage or resources when response time is sluggish, but I think I must be missing something.  Can one of your resources take a look and also review the setup/health of the host?

Answer : Respose time slow

Look at lines 8-11 of the output that you originally posted, and lines 47-50 are the corresponding lines from the input xml. Notice how line 8 doesn't have the new lines, that because line 47 doesn't have the new lines. And similarly, lines 9,10,11 are on separate lines because lines 48,49,50 are on separate lines. It isn't the code _inserting_ any new lines, it is just copying them from the input.
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