Question : Symantec Antivirus move to a new server issues!

Hi Everyone,

Hoping that someone here has attempted the following before and can enlighten me as per some issues.

We are running Symantec Antivirus version on a server (everything works fine), but due to other issues with that server we need to move the Symantec Antivirus to a new server (already built, running 2008 R2 Enterprise).
1. Does anyone know if Symantec Antivirus can run/handle the o/s 2008 R2 Enterprise?
2. We are not sure what the license key is (long story). Is there way to check what it is (where?)?
3. Once we install the Symantec Antivirus on the new server we would have to repoint all the clients (we install the client side 'managed' and point to the server running the Symantec Antivirus corporate edition software). Is there an easy way to repoint them to the new server via GPO or some other manner?
4. Can the software (Symantec Antivirus be downloaded from Symantec somewhere, because the CD I am going to use is pretty beaten up?

Thanks in advance for any / all insights.


Answer : Symantec Antivirus move to a new server issues!

The license depends on the version you have. If you have a corporate version, then there is only a paper license. If you have a boxed product then you will have a license file (randomnumbers.slf). Check for *.slf files on your server and then if you find one or more, open them up with notepad. You will see the expiry dates within the files.

Open up Symantec Anti-Virus and expand the Tree on the left-hand side. Do you see a license sub-folder?

If you don't - then you need to find the paper license / renewal notice. Assuming you don't then you probably have run out!

SAV 9 - well out of date. SAV 10 is about to be retired too. Symantec Endpoint protection is the latest incarnation and you will need at least version 11.0.6 (11 Maintenance Release 6) to get up and running.

There is nothing to stop you re-installing SAV 9 onto another 2003 server if you have the installation CD's, but without the paper license, you are going to be running illegally.

I very much doubt you can download SAV 9.0 from Symantec's servers.

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