Question : Sync outlook 2010 between laptop and desktop

I'm looking for a good (free) way to sync my calendar, contacts, and tasks between two computers running Outlook 2010 x86 RTM. I'd LOVE to use some sort of google sync feature, but I can't find one that is free (and seems to work). It's a shame that (as far as I can tell) google only makes a calendar sync, and not a full suite. Failing a program to sync to/from google services, I'd like some sort of method to sync directly between outlook installations, probably by directly manipulating the .pst files.

If it's worth anything, I am using Windows 7 x64 on both computers. One machine is pro, one is home premium.

Does anybody have a recommendation for me?

Answer : Sync outlook 2010 between laptop and desktop

Theres a bunch of tools here:

(look under Tools in the Spotlight and More Tools)

They're not free but most are affordable.

Hope this helps.

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