Question : mDameon fail over / DSR ?

Hello gurus,

here is the setup I am looking for (request from a customer) so please feel free to comment /fix/adjust
thanks in advance.

we would have an mDaemon mail server in a country X and another mail server in another country Y
we would have of course static IP on both .

we would configure that all our emails go to the X mail server and then we need the X server to send them in the Y mail server.
In case of failure in X mail server , all the emails would be routed automatically to Y mail server.
in case of failure in Y mail server  ,all the emails would be available in X mail server for the users to connect remotely and check/send their emails.

Please guys, I need 2 things from you
1-is it a sound and safe layout ? (by safe I mean redundant & Fail over ?)
2-How do I start ...any help is much appreciated. I have some knowledge in mdaemon.

thanks a lot


Answer : mDameon fail over / DSR ?

>I also totally agree with you that Y should not be "storing" emails , but rather "Store&Forward" as you mentioned.

I presume that's what you intended to say?


Just to add a bit more to my previous comment while I'm here:-

If the domain were then you might setup


where 10, 20 are MX priorities and points to X; and points to Y.  You register the domain and set that up to point only to Y.  

(1) Now when a mail hits the domain, it either gets routed to X (normal state of affairs), or it goes to the store and forward server on Y.  Y is setup to forward emails received on back to X when X is proved to be up.

(2) When a mail is dealt with correctly by X, there is a global Rule in there which copies all mail to Y.  So if someone has written an email to [email protected] it will get copied to Y, but to do that the domain name has to be changed to (otherwise it will fold back on itself, you could in fact use email addresses that use domain literals to point directly to Y e.g., [email protected][a.b.c.d] where a.b.c.d is the IP address where resides).  So the rule will copy mail to [email protected] to [email protected]  Y receives the email and perceives it to be distinct from its' "Store & Forward" role and will therefore shunt it into the appropriate mailbox (jim).

I was thinking the way to deal with mail that came to Y with "" would be to setup a rule which said "if mail is marked as then send a copy to the same recipient at".  This would then deal with all eventualities.  

The weak link in the chain now would be the Host of your DNS records.  
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