Question : converting an Exchange/SQL server machine to VM using sysinternals tool

Hi Guys,

I require to convert a physical server to VM.
My hyper visor is Hyper-V server 2008.
My machine to convert is a Win 2003 /64 SQL 2005 /64 + Exchange 2007 /64 server. (on same machine) NOT SBS.

I planned to use the sysinternals app for this:  disk2vhd:

I have used this on an XP machine and all OK.  I have done this on the required machine to convert and use in a test environment and all appears ok, however because of the way Exchange links with the AD I can not truly test that side of it.

So the question is:
Has anyone done this with these types of servers and are they any pitfalls or issues that may arise that have not in testing?

Any info is apriciated.

Answer : converting an Exchange/SQL server machine to VM using sysinternals tool

Yes, have used disk2vhd to convert a live exchange server, it converted it without any interuptions and I was able to succesfully attach it in Hyper-V, activate server 2008 and all exchange services were running.

As you would already have more than ONE DC in your network, you should be ok.

Just make a note of the following :

Exchange Server's Network details :
Static IP
Subnet Mask
Default gateway
any other additional IP Addresses you have bind on your exchange box hardware.

Disk2VHD uses vss to snapshot and convert.

You would need to re-activate your server 2003 but that shouldn't effect as long as you get it activated.

You can always convert exchange / sql box to vhd and then attach it in hyper-v using a "internal" network so you can test if it is booting fine and then you can arrange a downtime, shutdown the real thing and bring your virtual box on.

Hope this helps
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