Question : string conversion in C

I have a C program that compiles on gcc and the program has this code:

#define MAX_KEY_LEN 256
unsigned char      key[MAX_KEY_LEN];

The function make_key has this prototype:
int make_key(char *user, char *filename, char *UDN, POINTER key);

The above function is called this way:

If I run the program and output the file to a text file using the code:
        char                  teststr[256];
      sprintf(teststr, "echo key:%s > /tmp/kk2/kk1",key);

The content of the file is "s+Ç¿¿x9¬¿V¿" (except the colons)
I want to convert the above content to ASCII string.

I have a program that does the conversion:
But I get coredump when I call the C program:
* This routine will encode len binary bytes to ascii according to RFC1113      *
int      bin2ascii(unsigned char *binary, unsigned char *ascii, int len);
unsigned char      key_ascii[10];
encoded_len_key = bin2ascii(key, key_ascii, strlen(key)); /* gives coredump */

How can I get the ASCII equivalent of the string?

Answer : string conversion in C

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