Question : Can Ping host name but not Browse

The internet was working fine until I install SP2 for Vista home.
Now I'm unable to browse the internet via IE8 nor via Chrome.  I am able to ping
or any other website.  I just can't get to the site in a browser.  Even when I put yahoo's IP address in the browser I can't get to the site.  It briefly says "connection to site..." and then the cannot display the webpage page comes up.
I'm have turned off my firewall and Avast virus protection.  I also did a System Restore to yesterday when I was able to browse.  But that didn't fix it either.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer : Can Ping host name but not Browse

No Proxy, tried the winsock reset, turned off firewall, removed card, nothing,
I had to reinstall.   Thanks for the comments.
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