Question : USB meters

I am trying to locate USB meters than can read frequency sent by a senor, also OHM resistance of a different circuit and the voltage or amps of another circuit. I need to be able to receive the data from the meters so it can be used in a program on the computer. additionally i need to find another USB device that will tell  me simply whether or not a circuit has power. I am not really up to the challenge of building such devices, but if its cheap to build and have full building instructions i will consider it.

Answer : USB meters

I have solved this issue.  

You have to open up the blazeDS .war file that comes with BlazeDS Turnkey, find the web.xml file inside of it, copy and paste all the code inside there and paste it (overwrite) the default samples/WEB-INF/web.xml that is automatically installed by BlazeDS Turnkey.

Then uncomment out the RDS section and set the use security parameter to false, and it works no problem!
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