Question : moving sheets within a document

Dear experts,

I several sheets with in the document.

How can i re arrange them in a way i like, that is move page 4 to page 3 and page to page 5 and so on.

Thank you

Answer : moving sheets within a document

I think adxloader.dll is a propriety dll from Addin Express.

If you go to the exact link that I provided above, you can click download now and download the application, you dont have to be registered.

You wont be able to install the program, but you can extract the required adxloader.dll file from the .msi file using the commands that I gave you earlier.

You might be right about the .net updates causing the problem, it started for me after the weekend, during which I had done a series of MS updates. I had also updated some applications as well, so I didn't have a clear cause and effect relationship between the start of the problem and a software change on the server.

I can only re-iterate that the procedure I mentioned definitely fixed the problem for me on two terminal servers, I believe it will solve your problem as well.

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