Question : SBS2008 long login time Waiting for policy

SBS2008 server, new install.  Things have been working out good (I'm used to SBS2003) so have been learning to do the drive mapping via the new GPO options.

I used something like

h:  =  \\OFFICE\RedirectedFolders\%username%\My Documents
o: =   \\OFFICE\Common
z: =   \\OFFICE\Apps

This seemed to be working for the clients.  I did a server reboot a while later and since then (about 3 hours now) the server will not let me log back in (server is alive for file sharing and exchange etc)

I was accessing the server via RDP, and on the screen it gave a message like 'Waiting for Drive Map Policy'
After a while I cancelled the RDP session and tried on the physical server.  I continuously get the error as shown in the screen shot.

I don't have an admin user not associated with the GPO (which I now see as a good idea).

What are my options for getting out this pickle...?

Error Screenshot
Error Screenshot

Answer : SBS2008 long login time Waiting for policy

Thanks cgaliher!  I didn't know about this.

In the end I rebooted trhe server from a workstation using the shutdown command.  The took a while but did log in.  I then restored a backup of the GPO and restarted again.   Server running happy again.  I'm being more careful with my GPO settings now.   I also created an admin user outside the SBS GPO's.
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