Question : Digital signature control not visible

I have created a digital signature that uses a self signed certificate. I have made it for a repeating section only. It shows up in the data view as a folder named digital signature. However, no signature line shows up at all. Not in the preview, not in infopath client and not in the browser via sharepoint.  Note the form is fully browser enabled and can be seen in sharepoint without any errors. When the user hits save, no errors appear and it saves the form in the library where it was launched from on sharepoint.

So what is it that actually makes a digital certificate visible? BTW, i am using a trial version of InfoPath 2010, but I had the same problem in 2007.
InfoPath 2007 screen cap
InfoPath 2010 screen cap

Answer : Digital signature control not visible

Apparently, you cannot apply a digital signature to a repeating section. i added it to a non repeating section and it shows up
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