Question : SSRS 2008 Cascading Parameter not getting refreshed


I have a report with three parameters, one is Period and the other two are From Date and To Date. From Date and To date are cascading parameter that is there default value depends upon the selection made on the Period parameter. Period have values like Last Week, Last Month etc.  So if user select Last Week from the Period parameter, From and To Date parameter has there default value filled accordingly. But if user now change his selection from Last Week to Last Month, the parameters From Date and To Date are not getting refreshed.

I have tried a lot to find any solution for this issue and ended up installing SSRS 2008 SP1 and Hot Fix KB976761 with no success.
Then i uninstalled SP1 and KB976761 and installed Cumulative Update 5(KB969531), but still no success.

I would like to highlight here that i am talking about the Default values of the DateFrom and DateTo parameters, not the Available Values.

Any help/pointer will be appreciated...


Answer : SSRS 2008 Cascading Parameter not getting refreshed


I think this might be becasue the values are Defaults - once a value has been selected for the parameter value the default will not be updated as a selection has been made that overrides it.
I have recreated this problem - the default value shown for my dependant parameter is updated based on the selection for my first parameter but once I have selected a value for the second parameter changes to the first parameter will update the available values for the second parameter but not the default.

This seems to be correct behaviour to me - once a value is picked, a default is not appropriate.
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