Question : Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 - move mailbox - cross forest


I have an exchange 2007 SP2 box in the domain acme.lan, the name of the server is acm-exch.  The database for his mailbox is PrivDB.    The domain controller for the old forest is 2003 and the name is acm-ad or acm-ad.acme.lan.   A user's mailbox I would like to move is [email protected]

I have a new Exchange 2010 in the domain widgets.lan, the name of the server is wid-exch.   The domain controller for the new forest is 2008 R2 and the name is wid-ad or wid-ad.widgets.lan - his new account on the new server is still [email protected]   The database his mailbox will go into is Priv1DB.

I HATE the examples MS gives and can never figure out what an identity is from shinola as they don't seem to give me enough info in the example to do the code conversion and figure out what they are saying.

I read this article  
with the instruction -  

Move a mailbox from a remote legacy forest

This example moves Tony Smith's mailbox into the Exchange 2010 forest from an Exchange 2007 SP2 or Exchange 2003 SP2 forest. When the move is complete, the new ExternalEmailAddress in the source forest will be Tony's proxy address with the SMTP domain

New-MoveRequest -Identity '[email protected]om -RemoteLegacy -TargetDatabase DB02 -RemoteGlobalCatalog '' -RemoteCredential $Cred -TargetDeliveryDomain ''

Could someone please SPOON feed me the exact command I need to type to get it to work - please replace ALL variables as I often can't even tell from their examples what is a variable.   Give me a GUI and I can accomplish a LOT, give me powershell and I'm ready to reach for a gun to shoot the people who document it.

I don't see anything about should I create the user in advance  on the new system, can I just create the user with a mailbox, should I change any attributes on the new user or the old user before running the command.   I thought I'd read something about using ILM/MIIS to create it which I haven't installed and I'm worried if I do that will have more powershell commands for me to learn - man I miss exmerge!    If I do end up having to use ILM/MIIS - do I put it on the new server, the old server or both?  

I may end up just exporting their mailboxes to PST as always powershell just makes me angry but I have about 55 users some with 5GB mailboxes so hopefully MS's weird poweshell solution is faster, if it isn't just let me know and I get put my frustration aside.

Thanks in advance!!

Answer : Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 - move mailbox - cross forest

Whoops - posted before complete.

Download the repare move request and run it

Ignore the rest of what I put above

Then put this in the powershell

$Cred = Get-Credential
This will then ask for your credentials on the old server

New-MoveRequest -Identity 'oldemailaddress' -RemoteLegacy -TargetDatabase NewMailDB -RemoteGlobalCatalog 'OldDomainController' -RemoteCredential $Cred -Target ''

New-MoveRequest -Identity '[email protected]' -RemoteLegacy -TargetDatabase Priv1DB -RemoteGlobalCatalog 'acm-ad.acme.lan' -RemoteCredential $Cred -TargetDeliveryDomain ''
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